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We’re your ally in a rapidly developing digital world. We provide tools and strategies to help navigate the digital world, so you can focus on progress in the pool.
Together, we’re building a brighter future, one swimmer at a time.

Our Purpose

Helping You Focus on What Truly Matters

Running a swim school is about more than just teaching kids to swim – it’s about changing lives and building a brighter future. But in today’s digital world, that can look a lot like labouring over a Facebook post, advertising to attract new staff or new swimmers, and working a spreadsheet to track your instructors’ qualifications and training – it’s the necessary evil of the digital world that keeps you from what matters in the real world: progress in the pool. 

That’s why we exist: master digital distractions for swim schools, so you can keep the main thing the main thing and help more kids learn to swim and equip them with skills for life. 

Our Team


Strategic Thinker

Brendon can turn any challenge into a game-winning strategy faster than a swimmer’s flip turn.


Supporter of Swim Schools

Jane faces every challenge with the enthusiasm of a care-free kid dive-bombing their mum.


Software Magician

Joel can code his way out of a pool filled with floaties, making digital waves with every keystroke.


Morale Booster

Simon keeps our spirits as high as a championship dive, ensuring our team is always ready to make a splash.

Our Values

We find new solutions, simplify to make them accessible, and empower swim schools to focus on what they do best – give kids skills for life.

We constantly explore new digital tools and strategies, seeking out creative solutions to the challenges faced by swim schools in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.
We believe in the power of simplicity. Once we’ve identified innovative solutions, we work to simplify them, making them as easy and efficient as possible for swim schools to implement. Our goal is to take the complexity out of digital tasks, freeing swim schools to focus on their core mission.
Ultimately, everything we do is about empowerment. By providing swim schools with innovative, simplified digital solutions, we empower them to operate more efficiently, reach more swimmers, and make a greater impact on their communities.

Our Story

Our journey began years ago as a video production company.

Our friends at State Swim needed help with their training videos (back in the days of DVD’s!) and we were more than happy to lend a hand. This was our first step into the world of swim schools, and it was just the beginning.

As we helped State Swim with their training videos, we saw an opportunity to do more. We evolved into creating ads to attract swimmers to their new pool. This was a new challenge, as their previous pool launches had relied on traditional newspaper ads. We took the plunge into digital advertising, running Facebook ads on their behalf with great success.

From there, our role expanded. We started managing ads for all their locations and saw the need to coach their on-the-ground teams on communications, social media, and emails. We realised that our services could benefit other swim schools too. By creating tools and templates and applying our knowledge from working with multiple pools, we could provide a perspective and focus that was hard to achieve when working in just one location.

Our services were so successful that some swim schools asked us to turn off the ads because their pools and classes were full. They needed help in a new area – hiring and onboarding new instructors. So, we pivoted to running ad campaigns to get job applications and hire new instructors, passing on prospective new job applicants for an interview, hassle-free. 

Over time, we saw that with each new instructor being trained would give rise to a new expression the swim school’s program. And with each new expression being passed on differently, tried and true Learn to Swim programs were becoming fractured, diverting from the original intent of those training videos we had made (all those years ago).

We needed to create a central hub, where instructors could return to the standard and methodology that parents had come to expect from their reputable swim schools. This led us to develop a software solution, specifically for swim schools to record, track, and deliver online training for new staff’s in-pool training and qualifications.

We call it “Staff Dashboard”, a software solution designed to maintain the consistency of swim school programs across different locations. Without it, the unique learn-to-swim programs that swim schools had invested so much in risked being diluted over time as practices varied from pool to pool.

Now, we’re looking to expand the number of swim schools we work with. We see opportunities to improve our existing tools and create new ones, but we need scale to achieve that. By partnering with us, swim schools can support the creation of tools they wouldn’t be able to resource themselves. This allows them to remain local and boutique while tapping into resources created with the scale of many swim school locations.

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